Starting A Personal Injury Claim for A Dog Attack

In Texas, pet owners are presented with a premise’s liability if their dog causes an injury. Applicable dog attack laws come into play as well. They deem the pet owner liable for the medical expenses for the victim. A local law firm helps individuals who sustained injuries due to a dog attack.

Reviewing a Strict Liability

A strict liability applies when the pet owner was aware of an immediate risk. These risks are associated a previous history of attacks by the identified animal. When the animal attacks again, the pet owner is held at a strict liability. This requires the pet owner to pay all medical expenses associated with the dog attack. They are also required to pay a monetary award for pain and suffering.


Quarantine and Rabies Assessment

Any dog that attacks a human must be quarantined for a period of twelve days. They must be placed with a licensed vet during this period. The vet performs an evaluation to determine if the dog exhibits any aggressive behaviors. If the dog exhibits any signs of rabies, the animal is euthanized.

A Full Assessment of the Victim’s Injuries

A medical doctor evaluates the victim’s injuries to identify the severity level. They also must perform an assessment to connect the dog attack to the injuries presented. This identifies the liability of the pet owner. Loss of limb or disfigurement presents a higher risk and requires a greater settlement. The court may increase the value based on the impact of the injuries on the victim’s lives.

The Right to Visit the Property

The first task required for the victim is to prove that they had a legal right to be on the property. If the victim trespasses or revokes the animal, they created the circumstances that led to their injuries. Unlawful acts eliminate the possibility of a monetary award.

In Texas, pet owners are responsible for the actions of their dogs. They must follow leash laws associated with having outside pets. This could reduce the potential for an injury. Any pet owners who knew of risks and failed to protect others is held at a stricter liability. Victims of these attacks should visit for more information today.